Diana Mini Cameras

This is my review of the Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera. The original Diana cameras came out in the early 1960s. They were an all plastic camera designed to make low fidelity images and they gained a cult following because of the radiant quality of the images they produced.The Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera is a faithful reproduction of the original Diana cameras. This particular camera has a plastic lens, two shutter settings, three aperture settings, and a manual focus. The new features that this camera has, that the original cameras did not, are a removable lens and a tiny aperture for pin hole images. This camera also offers an endless panorama feature for nearly seamless panoramic shots.

I attended a photographic festival on the East Coast a number of years ago and that is where I first learned about these cameras. I wasn’t originally planning on attending the festival but I found a good deal on a room by using a hotels.com discount code so I figured I would attend the festival because it is something I always wanted to do.

The build quality of this camera is nothing spectacular, after all it is a reproduction of a camera in which the originals were made almost entirely of plastic. You also have to consider that the price of the camera  is only about $40 so you can’t expect it to be a durable, long-lasting piece of photographic equipment. Having said that, the camera is pretty flimsy and I’m a little bit worried about breaking it. I might go ahead and purchase a case for it.

Using this camera I was able to take some really cool pictures. It’s also interesting to use film again after so many years, I had become accustomed to seeing what my picture would look like immediately after pushing the button. Digital cameras have a way of spoiling us. I took some panoramic images and I was very anxious to see how they would come out. After finding a place that would develop the 120mm film I was actually very pleased with the way the pictures came out.

In addition to playing around with the camera myself I was interested to see what other people had to say about it. I went online to research some customer reviews and the reviews were pretty good overall. I found 22 customer reviews online  and this camera received an average user rating of about 4 out of 5 stars. There were a couple of people that were very disappointed with it, saying that it was cheap and very low quality. However, there were quite a few reviews from customers that absolutely love this little camera.

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I love this dragon fly silhouette from London or Paris.  I can’t remember.  Check it out at all modern.    

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fisheye love

How doesn’t love a great fisheye lens image.  I got mine at Amazon.  

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