Kids Furniture

written by: Eric Hodecker 

Family is a wonderful thing. So much so, often times we find ourselves caught up in the grand gestures, and forget some of the finer points that really make an impact on our children.

Holidays like Thanksgiving are typically the only times we take notice of children’s ability to navigate furniture. They are provided with full family support, and it’s all inclusive. Small table, small chairs, big desserts. This is a great example of when we treat our children like little adults.

Kid’s furniture can be a wonderfully fun project for the whole family. It certainly doesn’t require an extreme makeover, just a hint of effort to help children become accustomed to the subtleties of navigating home furnishings.

A little chair with matching table, maybe even a lamp and end table. No need to go crazy. Family support starts with steps that often go unnoticed. Your children will notice however.

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