Sensory Learning

sensory photoAs parents we must understand that our children are now living in an environment of fractured sensory inputs. As a parent you might have been already told that your child is a sensory learner. Kids who are referred to as sensory learners, as a parent there is need to improve the use of definite education as well as reprimands, at the same time customizing your lifestyle in the area your kid responds to well. These learners are classified into three classes. Parents who have these types of children should first determine which class their children fall into. These classes include over responsiveness to senses, non- responsiveness and a combination of the two. As a parent once you have done this then you can change your parenting style as well as academic coaching to get helpful results.

The non-responsive learners are the most difficult to treat mainly because they normally are not attentive and are not excited by any sense or experience. Most of these kids are usually passive and quiet. This may hinder them from participating in various activities in school. On the other hand over- responsive cases your child will be unfocused, difficult to coach as well as manage. For children who have a combination of these two aspects, need an environment that balances the characteristics. Parents should find an environment that best suits this key.

Photo by emmacraig1