Sensory Learning Styles: How Does Your Kid Learn Best?

sensory photo

It’s no secret at this point that one size does not fit all when it comes to education. Kids have different sensory learning styles, and these affect how they pick up information, what environment helps them focus best, and what challenges you’re likely to run into while trying to get them to learn.

Visual learners are the kids who love charts and graphs but can’t stand to listen to a verbal explanation. These kids need to see what they’re learning in front of them, so extra pictures and videos will be helpful.

Auditory learners pick up things by listening. These kids will sit for hours listening to music and can pick up an entire set of instructions simply by listening. Let them listen to background music while studying and you’ll see an improvement.

Kinesthetic learners have to touch and move in order to learn. While you don’t need to pick up interpretive dance, teach them to write things out or do something creative with their hands in order to learn.

Figure out what kind of sensory learning styles appeal to your kids and play with them. You’ll see a huge difference.

Photo by Alternative Heat