Wooden Toy Trains


Considering adding a train table to your play area? Train tables are a popular selection for many families and often become the most used piece of furniture in a playroom. Kids can spend hours entertaining themselves with the wooden train sets. At the same time, they are developing important spatial relations and problem-solving skills. If you are thinking of purchasing a train table for your family, consider the following tips.


Many families who choose to purchase a train table with affixed tracks regret this decision later on. By storing a bin of your favorite brand train tracks under the table, children are provided hours of imaginative play in which they design and build the track layout. This enables the child to be creative and also provides a much longer playing experience. Driving trains on the track are only part of the fun. The building provides opportunities for the child to plan and implement often overcoming challenges along the way.

In addition, a table without affixed tracks will be useful to a family for years. Children will bore of the fixed track within a short time frame.  A table in which train layouts can be designed and redesigned will provide endless entertainment. In addition, the table does not lose its usefulness when the child is no longer interested in trains. It can be converted to a lego table, craft table, puzzle table or game table. The use of the table can change with the interest of the child.

Weight Support

Verify the table you are purchasing can support significant weight. It should easily be able to hold more than the weight of your child. Even if you are able to restrict your child from climbing on the table, they will likely find they need to lean their weight on the table during play. For example, pushing the train to the track at the center of the table may require leaning against the table.

Size and Stability

The table needs to be large enough to be useful. If only a few pieces of train track will fit on the train table it will not be possible to build a variety of fun track layouts. Look for a large table with a lip that keeps things from falling off. Verify the table is high quality with legs that aren’t flimsy or likely to warp or crack. A sturdy table is ideal because it will be safe for children to use for years to come.